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Therapy is not for the weak, but for the bold

It takes courage to confront your past and examine your life

...but the pay-off can be profound and life changing

So why not invest in yourself? You're worth it!

Is Your Life Missing Something?

  • Have you lost touch with yourself and your deepest desires?

  • Do you feel like you are failing at certain aspects of life?

  • Do you lack a feeling of peace and comfort with who you are?

  • Does your past keep haunting you and creating problems in your life?

These are just some of the reasons people seek therapy...

Therapy can help you find a way...

Meeting with a professionally trained psychologist can be a highly effective way to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from living a happy, peaceful, and fulfilling life.

How Therapy Works:


Increased Self-Knowledge

Therapy helps you unearth realizations that are outside your current awareness. As you start to get the fuller picture of why you are the way you are, new solutions to your problems will start to present themselves


Emotional Transformation

Therapy helps you revisit those difficult emotional experiences that had a negative impact on your life so you can transform them and gain a new perspective on them.


Increased Self-Acceptance

By speaking your thoughts and feelings out loud in the presence of another person you give light and air to your own reality and start to feel more normal and more acceptable


Greater Sense of Connection

By being listened to in a new way by a caring and non-judgmental person you feel less alone with your thoughts and feelings and more connected to yourself and to the world

Not Every Therapy is the Same...

When choosing a psychologist be sure to choose someone whose experience and expertise you trust

I have more than 15 years of experience helping people free themselves from the issues that are holding them back

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How My Approach to Therapy is Different:

I am a clinical psychologist with specialized training in emotion-focused and psychodynamic therapies...

As a psychodynamic psychologist I believe that people are complex, partly unknown to themselves, guided by contradictory motivations to both stay safe and to grow, and shaped by adaptations to difficult life experiences. This means that symptoms are not just there to be gotten rid of, but must be understood in terms of the role they play within the overall dynamics of our personality. As an emotion-focused psychologist I believe that emotions are more powerful than thoughts, and that change must be experienced at a deep emotional level in order to truly transform how we think about and experience ourselves. This means that we cannot just talk about your life from a distance, but must get you in touch with memories and feelings that are stirring within you. We must provide you with "an experience not just an explanation".

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Psychodynamic and Emotion-Focused Therapy Principles:

1. Our Reasons for Doing Things are Often Unconscious:

Even though we like to think of ourselves as rational beings who make deliberate choices about how we live our life, therapy often helps us discover hidden rationalities and motivations that exert powerful control over us. By getting to know ourselves in a deeper way we often discover hidden underlying reasons why we act the way we do and this makes it possible for us to bring these unconscious forces within our conscious control. Psychodynamic therapy is about understanding the different forces within us so we can make more conscious choices about how to live our life.

2. Emotions are More Powerful than Thoughts:

Some therapists believe you can learn to control your emotions by correcting logical errors in your thinking. They believe in mind over matter. As an emotion-focused therapist I believe that emotions have their own logic that needs to be understood rather than ignored. Emotions contain valuable information about who we are, what we need, and what happened to us that wasn't right. By being curious about our emotions, rather than avoiding them or battling them, we can often transform them and transform ourselves in the process.

3. Our Past Shapes Who We Become:

Some therapists may just look at your current struggles and and help you problem-solve what do do with them. I help you go deeper into your past so you can better understand the circumstances that have shaped you into who you are. As we grow up we face a series of developmental challenges, and how we handle these can significantly impact how we feel about ourselves and how we feel about others. When things go wrong, we use strategies to avoid pain and rid ourselves of anxiety, but sometimes these strategies also limit us and rob us of the chance of a better outcome. The key to understanding what ails us in our present is therefore often to find ways to deal with our old wounds and hang-ups.

4. Change Is an Experience - Not an Explanation:

Change is not just about understanding something intellectually. To be truly transformational, change must change the way we feel. As an emotion-focused therapist I am trained to help you achieve realizations about yourself that are felt or experienced and not just talked about. At this level, change is not something you have to think about and implement, but something that happens to you and changes you from within. My goal with every client is to give them an experience of therapy as a profound change event that involves their thoughts, feelings, and sensations and brings them in deeper contact with who they are deep down.

The Better Therapy Difference:

By choosing me as your therapist you can be assured of the following:

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I Provide Expertise You Can Trust

Therapists vary widely in their level of education and expertise. By hiring a therapist with a Ph.D. you make sure you are getting a therapist who has the highest level of training on the market. As a doctor in clinical psychology with more than 15 years of experience, and as a certified couples therapist, I have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs
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I Help You Achieve Deeper Change

Many therapists provide short-term surface-level solutions to your problems. They treat the symptoms and not the causes. Why not get it right the first time? I have many years of experience helping people get to the emotional root of their problems. Rather than providing you with band-aid solutions, I help you achieve change that lasts
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I Treat People not Disorders

Unlike many therapists who take a medical approach to psychological problems, and may provide you with a diagnosis of a mental disorder, I view suffering from an existential and growth-oriented perspective. This means that I focus on understanding you as a person, in the context of normal life struggles, and relate to you as one person to another
inclusive therapy

is Welcome

I work with people of all cultures, races, and sexual orientations, and strive to create a welcoming affirming place no matter who you are. As a native European psychologist who has lived and studied in many different countries, I bring an international and open-minded outlook to my work and to the people I work with

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