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25% of the US population will become depressed
at some point during their lifetime...

How Do I Know if I am Depressed?

  • Have you lost your spark? Does nothing truly excite you anymore?

  • Do you feel empty inside? Estranged from yourself or the life you are living?

  • Do you feel like you should be happy, but for some reason you are not?

  • Does everything feel like a struggle, and do you dread facing your day?

These are just some of the signs that you might be going through a bout of depression...

The good news is that therapy for depression works!

and most of the time you don't even have to take medication...

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How therapy for depression works:

1. Therapy helps you understand why you are depressed:

Depression is not some meaningless symptom, but is often an indication that something about how you are approaching life is getting you stuck. It is your organism's way of telling you that something needs to change. Therapy helps you understand the deeper reasons why you are depressed, and sometimes these reasons are not immediately apparent. Therapy gives you the space to go deeper into your feelings and thoughts so you can identify what the problems are and begin to see what needs to change in order to be more fulfilled.

2. Therapy helps you get unstuck from unhelpful patterns:

People are creatures of habit, but sometimes habitual ways of doing things get in our own way. Sometimes we engage in patterns that are self-destructive, self-defeating, or self-limiting. Oftentimes we unconsciously choose to act in ways that keep us safe and comfortable even when it prevents us from fully living life or achieving certain outcomes we long for. Therapy can help you see the patterns in your life and evaluate whether they are working for you or not.

3. Therapy helps you work through emotional traumas:

Most people go through life experiencing small or big traumas that significantly shape how they go through life. Sometimes these traumas are obvious, but many times people don't even realize that what they went through was overwhelming to their younger self. Therapy helps you revisit and work through difficult moments that are still impacting your self-esteem, your beliefs about others, and the choices you make. Only when you free yourself from things in the past that are holding you back, can you start living towards a new future.

4. Therapy helps you live a more authentic life:

Oftentimes people get stuck in emotional dilemmas that result in suboptimal outcomes. You might be staying in a relationship out of guilt or fear. You might shun emotional intimacy to protect yourself from getting hurt. Or you might not set healthy boundaries out of a need to please others. These kinds of "deals" that we strike with ourselves to avoid feeling negative emotions, can also keep us from truly living the life we want. Therapy can help us disentangle our emotional dilemmas so we can feel freer to live a life based on our true values rather than based on our fears, anxieties, or guilt.

Not Every Therapy for Depression is the Same...

When choosing a therapist be sure to choose someone whose experience and expertise you trust

I have more than 15 years of experience helping people get unstuck from their depression without the need to take medication.

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How My Approach to Depression is Different:

Depression is a calling to get to know yourself better...

Unlike other therapists who might view depression as a mental illness and as the cause that needs to be treated, I view depression as a sign that something in your life is misaligned and needs to change. Depression is not the problem itself, but what happens when bigger issues about how you are living your life have gone unaddressed for too long. Depression is simply an invitation to discover something deeper about yourself, and therapy is often the best vehicle to facilitate this discovery.

When we dig a little deeper into the causes of depression, we almost always find unique reasons why someone is depressed. This is why it is unwise to think of depression as a single cause. Although the symptoms of depression might look the same, the causes are unique. Without your own personal journey of discovery you won't find the unique reasons why you are depressed, and you won't learn from your depression what changes are necessary to get your life unstuck. > Read my blog post: 1001 Depressions: Which One is Yours?

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The Better Therapy Difference:

By choosing me as your therapist you can be assured of the following:

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I Provide Expertise You Can Trust

Therapists vary widely in their level of education and expertise. By hiring a therapist with a Ph.D. you make sure you are getting a therapist who has the highest level of training on the market. As a doctor in clinical psychology with more than 15 years of experience, and as a certified couples therapist, I have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs
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I Help You Achieve Deeper Change

Many therapists provide short-term surface-level solutions to your problems. They treat the symptoms and not the causes. Why not get it right the first time? I have many years of experience helping people get to the emotional root of their problems. Rather than providing you with band-aid solutions, I help you achieve change that lasts
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I Treat People not Disorders

Unlike many therapists who take a medical approach to psychological problems, and may provide you with a diagnosis of a mental disorder, I view suffering from an existential and growth-oriented perspective. This means that I focus on understanding you as a person, in the context of normal life struggles, and relate to you as one person to another
inclusive therapy

is Welcome

I work with people of all cultures, races, and sexual orientations, and strive to create a welcoming affirming place no matter who you are. As a native European psychologist who has lived and studied in many different countries, I bring an international and open-minded outlook to my work and to the people I work with

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