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    I am a clinical psychologist in Houston who can help you get unstuck from the problems that are holding you back...

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    "I am Rune Moelbak,
    a psychologist who sees you as a person - not a diagnosis"

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    Why Couples Fight:

    Houston psychologist and certified EFT couples therapist Dr. Rune Moelbak shows how you can transform a relationship of arguments and resentment into one of closeness and mutual appreciation...

    A Fresh Look at Anxiety:

    Learn about a different psychological approach to the treatment of social anxiety. Discover why therapy for social anxiety is really about undoing feelings of shame and inadequacy...

    The Causes of Depression:

    Houston psychologist Dr. Rune Moelbak explains why depression is not just a chemical imbalance, but an invitation to explore deeper psychological issues about how you are living your life...

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