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What is Your Depression Telling You?

In my many years of experience as a psychologist and a psychotherapist, I have seen exceptionally few clients for whom depression was simply a disorder of the brain. In the vast majority of cases, once a person begins to examine their feelings and their life more closely, they discover that their depression has a meaning…
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What Is the Difference between Sadness and Depression?

It may come as a surprise to some, but sadness and depression are not the same. It would be easy to mistake the two if we simply listen to how people generally talk about their feelings when they are having a bad day or feeling down for some reason. Most people tend to use the…
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The Myth of Major Depression: Why Depression is Not an Illness

The Rise of Major Depressive Disorder It has become common nowadays to think of depression as a medical condition. If you visit your general health practitioner, she might ask a few questions about your energy level, appetite, sleep, and mood and, if you answer these questions in a particular way, ┬átell you that you have…
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