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Anxiety and stress can take a heavy toll on your life...

Don't let anxiety hold you back - learn how therapy can help you resolve one of the many forms of anxiety people struggle with...


The Many Varieties of Anxiety:

Social Anxiety:

Do you feel overly self-conscious when around others? Do you avoid social activities or suffer through them with a great deal of anxiety? Do you worry that others think poorly of you?

Generalized Anxiety:

Are you a worrier who ruminates about all the things that can go wrong? Do you find it difficult to relax and just enjoy the moment? Are you constantly tense, fearful, or tired?

Stress and Overwhelm:

Do you feel "in over your head"? Are you overwhelmed with all the things you need to get done? Do you worry you are going to fall short or that you don't have the resources you need to be successful?

Fear of Your Emotions:

Are you afraid of what you will discover if you are truly honest with yourself and stop pushing away your memories, thoughts, or feelings? Do you feel at war with your own inner demons and worry that you might lose the battle if you don't distract yourself or force yourself to stay positive?


Therapy can help you feel more comfortable with yourself...

Meeting with a professionally trained psychologist can be a highly effective way
to address what lies at the root of your anxiety so can stop it from controlling your life

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Not Every Therapy is the Same...

When choosing a therapist be sure to choose someone whose experience and expertise you trust

I have more than 15 years of experience helping people free themselves from the issues that are holding them back

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How My Approach to Anxiety is Different:

I don't just treat your anxiety symptoms - I help you get to the root of what is causing them

Since no two people are alike there can be no cookie-cutter approach to treating your anxiety. Instead we must fully understand the different kinds of life experiences that have led your anxiety alarm system to become over-active. Rather than just teach you self-help techniques like deep breathing or mindfulness, we must understand the protective functions your anxiety serves, and must work through earlier experiences in your life that might have overwhelmed your ability to cope. By helping you understand yourself better and feel more at peace with who you are, you will experience a confidence and mastery of your life that will soon replace your anxiety...

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Ways to Think about Anxiety:

1. Anxiety as Self-Protection:

The human mind is good at playing tricks on us. Sometimes anxiety takes the place of another emotion, thought, or memory that our organism deems more threatening. For example, we may be angry about something, but afraid of our own anger, so we feel anxious instead. Or we may have serious doubts about our marriage, but instead of facing that reality, we start to feel physical symptoms and worry about our health... In this way anxiety is sometimes the price we pay when we unconsciously distract ourselves from the real issue we are not ready to face...

2. Anxiety as Overactive Alarm:

Anxiety tends to serve as an alarm signal that warns us of dangers to our psychological or emotional survival. We may for example be afraid to give a speech because the embarrassment of making a mistake feels like it would literally destroy us, or we may have an exaggerated fear that our partner will leave us because we were abandoned as a child. These kinds of fears are often rooted in negative or traumatic events that at one point overwhelmed our capacity to cope...

3. Anxiety as Avoidance:

Sometimes we don't even feel our anxiety because we have become very skilled at engaging in strategies to avoid it. We may for example procrastinate, avoid situations or people, convince ourselves everything is fine, or be forgetful about unpleasant memories from the past. However, as soon as one of these tactics no longer works, our anxiety will come back and often with full force.

4. Anxiety as Fundamental Insecurity:

Sometimes the anxiety we feel is really the result of a fundamental lack of acceptance and comfort with who we are. Many people who feel flawed, inadequate, or unacceptable at their core spend their lives fleeing from themselves and pretending to be someone they are not. This kind of escape from oneself generates even more anxiety because no matter who we succeed in changing ourselves into we are never at peace with ourselves.

The Better Therapy Difference:

By choosing me as your therapist you can be assured of the following:

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I Provide Expertise You Can Trust

Therapists vary widely in their level of education and expertise. By hiring a therapist with a Ph.D. you make sure you are getting a therapist who has the highest level of training on the market. As a doctor in clinical psychology with more than 15 years of experience, and as a certified couples therapist, I have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs
deep change

I Help You Achieve Deeper Change

Many therapists provide short-term surface-level solutions to your problems. They treat the symptoms and not the causes. Why not get it right the first time? I have many years of experience helping people get to the emotional root of their problems. Rather than providing you with band-aid solutions, I help you achieve change that lasts
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I Treat People not Disorders

Unlike many therapists who take a medical approach to psychological problems, and may provide you with a diagnosis of a mental disorder, I view suffering from an existential and growth-oriented perspective. This means that I focus on understanding you as a person, in the context of normal life struggles, and relate to you as one person to another
inclusive therapy

is Welcome

I work with people of all cultures, races, and sexual orientations, and strive to create a welcoming affirming place no matter who you are. As a native European psychologist who has lived and studied in many different countries, I bring an international and open-minded outlook to my work and to the people I work with

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